Cancellation Return Policy

  1. Refund Conditions

    1.1. The buyer can send the product back within 14 days from the date of receipt.

    1.2. In the back references, the product must be sent with the original invoice of the product undamaged, unused, not opened and the product.

    1.3. Cosmetics, food, underwear, swimsuits, bikini, panties, boxer, health products such as some products such as hygiene rules are not accepted. In these products, the right to return can only be considered valid if the product packaging is not used without opening.

    Return process
    2.1. The buyer may request from our customer service for return transactions or enter the account by logging in to his account.

    2.2. As soon as the return transactions made by the BUYER are accepted, the refund will be made within 14 days.

    2.3. The shipping fees that will be formed as a result of the return process are the responsibility of the BUYER. If there is only a defect in the product or the product is sent incorrectly, the shipping fee will be covered by the seller.

    Contact information for the return process
    3.1. The buyer can contact our customer service for the return process. Our customer service serves between 9: 00-18: 00 on weekdays.

    3.2. You can use the contact information below to reach our customer service:

    [Business Name and Address] Phone: [Telephone Number] E-mail: [e-mail address]

    Payment Return Process
    4.1. The payment process includes the refund of the sales price of the products as a result of the refund process as the BUYER PAYMENT.

    4.2. Payment refund will be made by the BUYER's preferred payment method. Refund of payments made by credit card,

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