Distance sales contract

  1. Sides
    1.1. SELLER: [Business Name and Address]

    1.2. Buyer: [Name, Surname and Address]

    2.1. The seller agreed to buy the following products: [the name, description and quantity of the product].

    2.2. The sale of products includes the delivery of the SELLER to the BUYER.

    3.1. The buyer must fill out the order form on the SELLER's website to buy products.

    3.2. The order form should include information such as the name, quantity, price, delivery address and invoice address of the products.

    3.3. The buyer declares that he accepts the conditions of this agreement by filling the order form.

    Price and Payment
    4.1. The price of the products is the price announced on the SELLER's website.

    4.2. Payment should be made as soon as the BUYER ordered products.

    4.3. Payment can be made by the BUYER's preferred method. The seller does not store the BUYER's credit card information.

    5.1. The products will be sent by the SELLER to the delivery address determined by the BUYER.

    5.2. The estimated time for the delivery of the products is specified on the SELLER's website. However, the delivery time may vary depending on the stock status of the products and the working hours of the cargo company.

    5.3. The products will be delivered by the cargo company. The damages that occur during the delivery of the products are the responsibility of the cargo company.

    Right of withdrawal
    6.1. The buyer may exercise the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the moment he receives the products.

    6.2. The buyer who wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal should notify the SELLER in writing. This notification via e-mail or mail

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